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Co-Innovate Programme


The Co-Innovate programme is a cross border research and innovation (R&I) initiative funded under the European INTERREG VA Programme.

Co-Innovate, a new programme supported by the European Union’s INTERREG VA Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body, will help you harness ideas to:

  • Work smarter
  • Equip you for future challenges
  • Add value to your business
  • Help you stand out from the competition
  • Boost your bottom-line

How it works

Each company’s needs around innovation development will differ, so every company’s journey through the programme will be unique. Co-Innovate will give you the tools and support to help you innovate, differentiate and compete successfully.


Harness ideas to work smarter & boost your bottom-line

  • Add value to your business
  • Gain greater in-house skills
  • Bespoke research & innovation expertise

You can find out more by going to co-innovateprogramme.eu

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